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Cost of Furnace Replacement

Thinking of Replacing Your AC?

Choosing to replace your current AC System is not an easy decision. There are many options out there for you to choose from ranging from window and portable units to larger whole- or partial- house systems.  We’ve provided a description of some of these systems below for your convenience.  If you are unsure which system is best, don’t hesitate to call us.  We’ll come to your home and provide an affordable solution that works best for your home’s size and structure and the specific features that you are looking for.


Goodman Heating System Replacement Allentown PA

Central Air Conditioning

When it comes to air conditioning systems, central air units are considered the most luxurious because they are able to cool each room in your home simultaneously and do so quietly. They are made up of two units: the condensing unit that is located outside the home and the evaporative unit that is located next to the furnace. The two units are connected to each other through refrigerant tubing.

The condensing unit is responsible for generating the cool air that is propelled into the evaporative unit. The evaporative unit then pushes the cool air throughout your home using the furnace duct system.

From our perspective, a central air conditioning system is the absolute best way to evenly distribute cool air throughout a home. We often use Goodman GSX central air conditioning systems, which provide homeowners with quiet performance and maximum comfort.

Ductless AC Installation in Brodheadsville PA

Ductless Air Conditioning

No ductwork in your home? No problem! Ductless air conditioners, also known as a split system or mini-split systems, are a common cooling solution for apartment dwellers or homeowners with no ductwork in their homes, who are looking for a more permanent cooling solution than window air conditioners.

As you can likely gather from its name, a mini-split/ductless system is a split system, which means it has components that are located inside and outside the home. However, unlike traditional split HVAC systems, ductless units do not rely on air ducts to route air throughout your home. Rather, a ductless air conditioner is designed to heat or cool a single room, a zone or an addition to your home that may lack or cannot accommodate ductwork.  Multi-Zone units can be utilized to heat and cool up to 8 zones.  We often use Daikin Ductless Air Conditioning & Heating Systems.  Daikin, in our opinion, is the gold-standard in ductless heating and cooling.

Goodman Heat Pump Installation Allentown PA

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are an energy efficient and low maintenance cooling solution for homes that have ductwork. The installation cost of air source heat pumps can be high, but the running and maintenance costs are low.

A heat pump is a part of a home heating and cooling system and an energy-efficient alternative to a furnace and air conditioner. A heat pump uses electricity (not combustible fuel like gas or oil) to transfer heat from a cool space to a warm one. In the winter, it takes the heat from outdoors and uses it to heat your home. And during the summer, it moves the heat from inside your home to outside to cool your home. 

Hybrid Heat & AC Systems Carbon County PA

Hybrid / Dual Fuel System

Many homes in Eastern PA use a hybrid heating and cooling system.  In a hybrid system, an air-source heat pump is backed up by an auxiliary combustion furnace.   When temperatures plunge below a certain level, the combustion furnace kicks in, keeping your house warm in even the coldest weather.

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